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Integrating Ideas, Imparting expertise


IEEE BU, founded in april 2017, is the student branch of IEEE in Bennett University.

We stand with IEEE's motto and dedicate ourselves to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity by building interest in innovation and technology amongst the students. It is rightly said, 'Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.' IEEE BU aims to provide the best rescources and opportunities to inspire and aspire so that its members leave no stone unturned to contribute to the irresistible digital world. So just as Steve Jobs said, 'Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday!'

Mission: We aspire to build interest in research and technological innovation so that studends can contribute to the world for the benefit of humanity.

Vision: IEEE BU will help its members reach their goals and provide various programs and networking opportunities that will help in learning and building professional connections outside the university.

Our Portfolio


We believe workshops are the best way to introduce new topics and give a hands-on experience! Ergo, IEEE BU frequently conducts workshops where speakers from Bennett as well as from other organisations teach different topics. Have a look!


The best way to learn is by doing it ourselves! Therefore, IEEE BU has various projects which it assigns to those interested and guides them to finish the project on time. Members are also free to select a project of their choice and we are ready to guide and help them!


We want fun to be another word for learning! To make learning interesting for the students, we conduct a myriad different events ranging from guest lectures, competitons to hackathons!


We feel practical application of learning is the real learning, so we conduct regular hackathons and coding events!!

About IEEE

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.


More than 419,000 members in more than 160 countries, more than 50 percent of whom are from outside the United States

More than 124,000 Student members

342 Sections in ten geographic Regions worldwide

1,834 Chapters that unite local members with similar technical interests

3,422 Student Branches at colleges and universities in over 100 countries

2,600 Student Branch chapters of IEEE technical societies

568 affinity groups; IEEE affinity groups are non-technical sub-units of one or more Sections or a Council. The affinity group patent entities are the IEEE-USA Consultants' Network, Young Professionals (YP), Women in Engineering (WIE), Life Members (LM), and IEEE Entrepreneurship


IEEE members can access information on local events and activities by signing in to IEEE Collabratec®, an integrated multi-functional platform and global network of technology-focused professionals, leveraging IEEE's extensive knowledge base and community of thought-leaders. Once signed in, users can:

 Network with other technology professionals
 Establish a professional profile highlighting your accomplishments
 Join and participate in discussions on various technical interests
 Create a group to share and collaborate on projects
 Discover IEEE events and activities throughout the world


Reach your full potential as part of the world’s largest technology community. Join professionals, experts, and advisors who can help shape your career, offer resources to acquire new skills, and advance your professional development.

More Benefits

IEEE Has Lot To Offer, IEEE Benefits Knowledge, Community, Profession


 Ask IEEE
 IEEE Xplore Digital Library
 IEEE Potentials Magazine
 The Institute Newsletter.
 IEEE Spectrum Magazine.
 IEEE tv.


 IEEE Sections
 Technical Chapters
 Shop IEEE Discounts
 IEEE Conference
 Volunteering
 Social Gatherings


 IEEE Job Site
 IEEE Mentoring Connection
 Career Alert
 Continuing Education Partners Program
 Awards IEEE
 Scholarships


 Projects Funding.
 Enhance your Resume.
 Discount on Society Membership.
 IEEE Personal Email Alias .
 Free web hosting for Student Branches.
 Discount on IEEE Events such as Conferences, Congresses.
 Travel Grants for Conferences.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming workshops, hackathons and Sessions

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05 2021
IEEE Day 2021

Ieee Day 2021


Past Events

Recent workshops, hackathons and Sessions

Our Team

Have A look at the people behind IEEE Bennett

Shreya Bose

Vice Chairperson



Danish Ara Yakta


Manish Agarwal

Technical Head

Bhavya Gumber

Content Head

Meghana Penmetsa

Technical Co- Head

Kshitij Vaibhav

Management Head

Vinayak Kumar

Designing Head

Divyansh Kaustubh Pathak

Social Media Co head

Sameer Kumar

Social Media head

Aastha Sinha

Designing Co-Head

Jatin Rastogi

Management Co-Head

Kinshuk G. Pandey

PR-Outreach Head

Legacy Members

Have A look at the people who contributed to building this chapter

Kanav Kansal

Treasurer and Outreach Head (2019-20)

Aachman Garg

Chairperson (2019-20)

Prahalad V Rao

Secretary (2019-20)

Mrinalini Bansal

Marketing and social media Head (2019-20)

Lekhana G.

Vice Chair (2018-19)

Jatin Gupta

Logistics Head (2019-20)

Navya Singh

Chairperson (2018-19)

Mohit Bhat

Vice Chair (2019-20)

Past Sponsors


Bennett university
Greater Noida, India 201310


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